Inner Healing After Narcissistic Abuse Support Group



Are you currently in an emotionally abusive relationship or have been in one and are looking for support?

Unsure of whether you have been emotionally abused but are looking for a supportive group of women to learn more?


If you are looking for guidance and support

Inner Healing After Narcissistic Abuse is for you

Is a support group and community for women to come together who have been in emotionally abusive relationships.

This support group holds regular meetings in Perth, Western Australia.

Meetings are currently held in :

Perth, Western Australia (every 2-4 weeks)



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Where are the group meetups held?

The meetups are held in Perth, Western Australia.


What is the cost of coming to a meetup?

The cost of each meetup is $15 per person.


What should I expect at a meetup?

At each session you will receive a handout with information, practical tools and strategies to implement once you have left the meetup. The meetups consist of a blend of coaching, mentoring and hearing stories from other women who have also been in emotionally abusive relationships with narcissists. The philosophy and focus of this group is based on self empowerment through education. We are a group of judgement free women who are here to support, encourage and empower you to learn and grow and most importantly THRIVE after narcissistic abuse.


Is this group for me if I am just wanting to hear other people's stories?

While we have no problem in coming along to the meetups for validation and support we do encourage that you are open to learning from what is taught at each meetup. The point is to do the inner work rather than just continue to talk about narcissists and what you have been through. This group caters for women who are ready to do the self work to thrive after narcissistic abuse.


Do I have to Come to Each Meetup?

No, you are more than welcome to attend whichever meetups you feel called to attend. Once you become an approved member you will have access to our members page which lists all the upcoming meetups. There are a range of meetup topics that are offered to help cater for everyone's point in their journey.


Are there Any Other Fees To become a member?

No, there are currently no other fees. Just the $15 attendance fee which you can pay in cash on the day of the meetup.


What if i would like further support, do you offer 1 on 1 support?

Yes, I offer 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring for women who have been in emotionally abusive relationships with narcissists. To find out more visit my 1:1 Coaching Page. Or click HERE.


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