Are you looking for a natural alternative to supplement your emotional, mental and physical health?

Are you looking for a product that is multipurpose, pure, natural and safe for you and your family?

Let me introduce you to DOTERRA

this brand has changed my life, and has the potential to change yours too..


Ever since I can remember I've had this yearning to be of service, to give back to communities and charities and to leave a positive impact on human kind and the planet.


doTERRA, my life changing experience

doTERRA came into my life in 2015, a time when I was still very much suffering from debilitating anxiety and depression. I was accidentally introduced to this one essential oil blend called 'Past Tense' by my mum and instantly felt a relief using the oil. I began using it religiously everyday, and wouldn't go anywhere without my oil. I continued to use the oil blend daily and didn't think much more about oils at that point. I continued on my journey of educating and empowering myself to make changes in my life that would improve my emotional wellbeing. At this point in my life I was still struggling with my emotions and the intense feelings that I was experiencing. Although I was learning so much about my emotions and how to make changes in my life, I was still struggling with anxiety and depression. Looking back on it now I can see I was on the verge of saying yes to my life and more importantly my purpose in this lifetime. 

I spent the beginning of 2016 seeing essential oils and in particular doTERRA everywhere I turned. Knowing that everything happens for a reason, I couldn't deny the calling any longer. In late June 2016 I finally said yes to doTERRA and signed up with the beautiful Meg from Adventuring Home. Although I didn't fully understand doTERRA's amazing compensation plan at the time I knew that I wanted to sign up with someone who had similar values, beliefs and was in true alignment with doTERRA and essential oils. I had been following Meg and her blog for some time, and knew she was the right person to sign up with when she put the call out to her newsletter tribe all those months ago. I was super excited to get my hands on these magical oils, and although at the time it seemed a little financially stretched for me to make the purchase it turned out to be the most valuable investment I had made in my life.

staying open to the possibilities in life

It's been almost 12 months since I made that very life changing decision (one that I didn't know it would be back then). Since then my life has been a roller coaster of emotions, life changes, career detours and the biggest growth in my own personal development of my life. Since getting my oils I honestly haven't looked back. As with everything on my journey I have continued to follow my natural curiosities, opportunities and most importantly have been open to every possibility in continuing to empower and create the life of my dreams.

Finally I felt like everything was coming together. Just using the oils and incorporating them into my daily life was a beautiful blessing, let alone everything else that has unfolded since saying yes to doTERRA. No matter what I have gone through since using the oils, I knew I always had the oils right by my side to use for any emotional situationor ailment. I was truly learning how to make self empowered choices and decisions for my body, mind and soul.

My essential oils have helped me create a stronger connection to myself, strengthened my spiritual connection and most importantly enable me to connect to my emotions in a safe and support way that would enable me to create true inner healing.

doTERRA, heart centred and conscious business

Allowing doTERRA to come into my life has not only empowered me to continue to create the life of my dreams, but I've also had the privilege of seeing other amazing women around me transform their lives, connect to their purpose and live in complete alignment with who they are here to be on this Earth. This is why I have chosen doTERRA, and I know for this reason the power and possibility of doTERRA has chosen me. 

I am beyond grateful for the founders of doTERRA, the heart centred business that they have created and for continuing to be conscious in the way they do business, provide opportunities for individuals, families, farmers and small businesses to create a sustainable and ethical way of doing business in this world. I am so so grateful to be apart of the growing essential oils movement, educating and teaching people that we can support and nourish our body using natural and plant based products. Everyone who supports doTERRA, uses their products and is a wellness advocate for their products is part of a world wide movement towards natural health and wellbeing for all. Now more than ever we need to make conscious choices, support heart centred and conscious businesses and value the importance that our actions and choices as individuals can make a huge difference on this planet. When it comes to health and wellness and natural plant based products I know who I choose to support.


joining doTERRA + the business opportunity

Like me, you may too be looking for your answer to natural wellness. Whether it's for emotional support, treatment of physical ailments, cooking or alternative cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and safe for your family doTERRA may be your solution.

The amazing thing about doTERRA is that you can take it as little or as far as you like, and you can still get the most out of the products. It is quick, easy and simple to join. There are no large hidden fees, admin fees or locked in contracts. The beauty of opening a wholesale account or purchasing a super value for money enrolment kit is that you can try the products at your own leisure and decide how and when you use them when it suits you.

Upon using the products some people take their time to learn about the oils and how to use them, while others are ready to jump into the business side of things straight away. Regardless of the path that you take when signing up to doTERRA, one thing you do not need to worry about is being left alone with the oils and not having any guidance on how to use them.

When you join up with me you will receive:


+ 1:1 email and Skype support

+ a handful of amazing resources on how to use the oils

+ the opportunity to venture into the business world of doTERRA with me right by your side the whole step of the way

heart centred + ready to change the world?

If you are feeling the inner desire to create a life of purpose and passion with a company that is aligned in the same way, lets create an abundant and conscious business in doTERRA for you.

Maybe you already work in the health and wellness industry and too are feeling the call to add another element to your current business. When you say yes to the business you will continue to receive amazing 1:1 support unlimited via Skype, email and Facebook groups.

You will be given all the tools necessary to succeed and thrive using doTERRA's business model. Not only that but you will join the growing community of a very heart centred and conscious community of like minded health and wellness advocates and professionals all over Australia.

If you feel called to join this heart centred and authentic business or simply would like to find out more, get in touch

I would be nothing more than honoured to share more about the oils and how you can bring them into your life.


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