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hello beautiful

Welcome to my online space, I’m super excited to have you here!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jasmin and I am a coach, mentor and teacher.

I’m on a mission to empower women all across the globe to reclaim their personal power, supercharge their self worth and break the cycle of toxic relationships.


So why are you here?

You're sick of feeling scared, confused and anxious.

The toxic relationships in your life are creating so much stress and overwhelm in your life you don’t know who to turn to for help.

The emotional pain you feel is affecting your sleep, your mood, your appetite and all you want to do is crawl into a big ball and hide from the world.

You know there is more to life, and you can feel that desire to be and do more with your life but you just can't quite figure it out. You are stuck in a vicious cycle of negative thinking and you don't know how to get yourself out.

Life feels like a constant struggle.

I get it because I have been there.

 After 2 emotionally abusive relationships with narcissistic people by the age of 27 I was exhausted and depleted.

I was completely lost, anxious and depressed.

My self worth was non existent and I didn't know how to turn my life around.

I was a mess, and I went through a lot of it on my own.

I wished I had someone to support me and to nurture my self confidence and self esteem back to normal, but I felt like no one understood what I had been through.

Life during and after narcissistic abuse is tough.

Really tough.

You're Over...


All the judgement you feel from people around you

The fear of making the wrong choice

The waves of anxiety and depression that keep you stuck in a perpetual cycle

Being stuck in a cycle of emotional abuse with toxic people

Feeling alone and like things are never going to change in your life

You Feel...

Like you don't have any control over your emotions

Lost and confused

Anxious, scared, fearful and uncertain with the direction your life is taking

Unsure of how to break the cycle of toxic relationships

Overwhelmed and emotionally all over the place

Drained from people in your life sucking your energy

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Coaching with Me

As a qualified life coach, I work with women to empower them to reclaim their personal power, supercharge their self worth and break the cycle of toxic relationships.

I am passionate about helping women navigate their way through narcissistic abuse and help them thrive.

Through both personal experiences of toxic relationships with highly narcissistic individuals and having coached dozens of women who have been through narcissistic abuse I too can help you create a positive and meaningful life after narcissistic abuse.


as your coach I will:

- Lovingly hold you accountable as you make deep and powerful inner transformations

- Be there every step of the way as you make empowering life changing decisions

- Provide ongoing guidance and support

    I work with women who:

    - Are ready to go deep within

    -Are courageous and committed to working on themselves

    - Are not afraid to open up and be vulnerable in order to heal their past wounds and hurts


    My Mission is to Empower women to reclaim their personal power,

    supercharge their self worth

    and break the cycle of toxic relationships.

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    I Will Show You How to...

    - Create loving and positive boundaries

    - Create a positive and loving relationship with yourself

    - Heal from narcissistic abuse

    - Rebuild your confidence and self esteem

    - Strategies and tools to assist with improving your emotional wellbeing

    - Stop self limiting beliefs run your life and help you take back control

    -Move through fear to create a positive life after narcissistic abuse

    - Work on the relationship you have with yourself and others

    The results...

    - You will stop pleasing others and make decisions that feel right for you

    - Create deep inner emotional healing from narcissistic abuse

    - Feel confident, more energetic and bursting with enthusiasm for life

    - You will practice self compassion, kindness and self love with ease

    - You will have awareness over your thoughts, and emotions and will observe them rather than react to them

    - Have positive relationships with other people in your life

    Thrive after narcissistic abuse!


    You Deserve all that you desire beautiful...

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    I want to help you make empowered decisions with ease and confidence.

    Wouldn't it feel freeing and empowering if only you could make decisions that were best for you?

     I want to empower you to create loving and positive relationships in your life.

    Imagine yourself no longer getting caught up in what everyone thinks and feels is best for you, and you are actually tuning into what feels right for you.

    It is totally possible!


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