Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to A Feeling Life.


My name is Jasmin Schult.

Emotional Wellbeing & Life Coach.

four years ago I was:

  • Lost, anxious, depressed and disconnected from life
  • In an emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissist
  • Struggling to make positive changes in my life
  • Let negative thoughts run my life
  • Working in hospitality and struggling to get a job in the profession I had spent many years studying hard for


Today I am:

  • Connected to and embrace my emotions
  • Navigating single life and living life without needing a man to fix me!
  • Accept change, transitions and embracing life as it flows
  • Address negative thoughts, move through them and create new and positive thoughts
  • In transition in my current job and working towards working full time in my coaching business (my absolute passion!)
  • Teaching women how to embrace their emotions and create the life of their dreams


I'm not going to lie, this path less travelled hasn't been the easiest...but it has Certainly been the most rewarding and life changing experience.


You're here because your stuck, feeling down, depressed and your anxiety is at an all time high.

You can't remember the last time you felt true happiness and had a good belly laugh with your friends.

You feel lost, disconnected from life, and you are barely holding on just trying to get through each day.

You want to make changes in your life but you let the fear of the unknown, fear of change and fear of failure hold you back from creating a life that makes your heart sing!

The thought of staying in your corporate job gives you heart palpitations and the only way to numb these feelings is by eating, drinking, partying or shopping.

But all of these things are only temporary solutions, and you know that it's time to make some major life changes.

You're ready to live the life that you've only ever dreamed of, your ready to say yes to the universe and create true fulfillment in your life.


i am here to guide you, support you and be your own personal cheerleader as you navigate your way to living the life of your dreams!


As an emotional wellbeing and life coach I work with women who are ready to say yes to themselves.

They are ready to face what is holding them back and make big changes so that they can-co create their dream life and make it a reality.


I know where you are at and how you feel because I have been there...


I have spent my whole life moving in and out of major life transitions. At the age of six I moved across the globe to Australia with my family not knowing how to string together a full sentence in English, to then move back across continents to then move all the way back to Australia - and this all by age 10! It was a really exciting time in my life, but as a highly sensitive young child anxiety and fear took over. I spent most of my childhood, teens and early adult years plagued by terrible anxiety and depression. I felt lost, disconnected and worst of all an 'outsider'. I didn't know how to take control all of my emotions nor did I know they had SO much power and important and so many messages to tell me.

I finished high school, took a gap year working, went to uni where I started my teaching degree. I grew up in country WA and by my early twenties decided it was time to make the big move to Perth. I moved with limited savings, no job and no idea exactly I would do with my life. I started and stopped a Commerce degree all within 6 months, completed my teaching degree and by age 24 graduated unable to find a full time teaching position.

After going to a series of personal development workshops, meeting some inspiring women and learning about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I later enrolled in the course and was a qualified health and wellness coach the following year. I worked in the hospitality industry in hotels for seven years and by 2016 finally transitioned out of the industry and into more corporate administration work. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship on and off for four years, which I also transitioned out of over the last year and am finally enjoying being single and learning to be me again.

My life have been a serious of major life transitions, changes, failures, attempts and successes. It's been a long journey to get to this point, filled with tears, fears and complete freakouts.



I've questioned my life, my purpose and what 'lights me up'. I've followed my curiosities, the fire in my belly and learning to live in alignment to my values and beliefs.


So how can i help you?

In our 1:1 sessions together I will teach you:

  • How to navigate through fear, anxiety and feeling lost and stuck
  • Create positive self talk that will empower you
  • How to take steps that will empower you to make life changes
  • Create self care practices that will help your physical, emotional and mental health as you navigate life changes
  • How to become self aware of your thoughts, beliefs and patterns you are playing out in your life

To find out more about my coaching services &

how we can work together click here

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Professional Bio:

Jasmin Schult is an Emotional Wellbeing and Life Coach who empowers and guides women to connect to navigate life changes with confidence and ease. She inspires women to let go of self limiting beliefs,  release fear and self doubt and empowers them to live a life that is aligned with their values and beliefs.

She believes that by connecting and listening to our emotions we can create a life that is connected and aligned to our best self and make decisions with confidence and ease. In her 1:1 and group coaching programs she helps women learn how to connect to their emotions, reconnect to their intuition, and helps them learn ways to harness the power of their emotions to guide and empower them to move throughlife transitions and changes with ease.


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