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Welcome to my podcast all about narcissistic abuse, recovery, healing and the transformation journey.

New episodes are released regularly and comprise of solo episodes and thriver stories from the narcissistic abuse thriver community.

On the show we also have special guest episodes with health and wellness professionals including psychologists, counsellors, energy healers, health and wellness coaches and more!

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Inner Healing After Narcissistic Abuse - Perth Support Group


This is for women who have been in both emotionally and physically abusive relationships with narcissistic individuals.

The group is a safe environment for you to receive support from other women who have experienced narcissistic abuse as well as receive coaching and education on how to transform and heal your life.

Group support meetups are held every 3 weeks in Perth, Western Australia.

We are a group of judgement free women who are here to support, encourage and empower you to learn and grow and most importantly THRIVE after narcissistic abuse.

All new members are welcome .


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